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War Office 14th November 1775


…It has been thought proper to appoint an Hospital Staff to attend these 7 Regiments, of which I have the honor to send you the enclosed list. In the Instructions given on this occasion the Appointment of all the Mates as well in the Medical and Surgical Department, is left generally to the Hospital Board, and you will be pleased to cause the like attention to be made in the last Paragraph of those intended for the Hospital at Boston, and transmitted in my letter of the 26th September…

I have the honor to be
Sir &c.

Major General Howe, or
Officer Commanding H.M.
Forces in No. America at

List of Detached Hospital Staff

Dr. Blagdon…Physician
Dr. Nooth…Purveyor & Physician Extraordinary

Mr. John Field…Surgeon
Mr. Thompson Forster…Surgeon


Thomas Barker...Mate
Holland Fowke...Mate
George Hazleton...Mate
William Thomas...Mate
Robert Arbuckle...Mate
John Hadfield...Mate

Source: The Microfilm Collection of the David Library of the American Revolution, W.O. 4/273, Pages 28-29. As transcribed by Gilbert Riddle. Given to the Detached Hospital by Todd Braisted.