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Sources of Primary Documentation Used in the Recreation of the British Detached Hospital 1776-1783

Mike Williams, Commanding Officer

Note: There are references in this bibliography to books which were printed after 1783, the year that the Detached Hospital disbanded. I have used only those which in their narrative describe incidents that occurred either during the time period that the hospital existed or before, or express knowledge that was commonly known in the time period in question.

These references are marked with an * and a discussion follows the entire bibliography.


Acta Militaria (altere) 244. Instructions according to which all auditeurs of the General Staff and the regiments have to proceed.
Six page document available from the Saratoga National Historic Park, Stillwater, N.Y. on reel 63.

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Discussion of References

Ballard, Martha. A Midwife’s Tale, The Life of Martha Ballard Based on Her Diary 1785-1812
I feel safe using this text because the practices of the midwife had changed very little from earlier times. We can also assume that due to Ms. Ballard’s location in the wilds of what is now present day Maine that there was little chance that she would have access to “cutting edge” medical knowledge.

Blair, Dr. William. The Soldier's Friend or The Means of Preserving The Health of Military Men.
Doctor Blair makes reference many times in this text to the lessons learned in the “late American war” and also quotes Benjamin Rush’s observations.

Buchan, Dr. William. Domestic Medicine
The 1st Ed of this book was published in 1769. The 2nd Ed. Which I am using had not changed with the exception of a chapter on Venereal disease which was left out of the 1st Ed as well as a few notes on lessons learned from the North American rebellion.

De Chemant, M. Dubois. A Dissertation on Artificial Teeth. London: Barker 1797
Primarily used by the hospital for it’s illustrations. For the most part it is nothing more than an advertisement for De Chemant’s method of making artificial teeth. It does have a few interesting tidbits on problems with “old style” dentures which is what we of the 1750-1780 time period would deal with.

Gregory, Dr. Clinical Cases in the Royal Infirmary. Edinburgh, 1785-1787
Dr. Gregory’s notes are the best example of records of a doctor’s day to day care of specific patients. I have been unable to find any other information of this type and feel safe using the information contain in these notes.

Horn, George. An Entire New Treatise on Leeches
A general text of the care and feeding of leeches. I don’t think that there was a great deal of change in this art from the end of the hospital until this work was published in 1798.

Hunter, Dr. John. A Treatise on the Blood, Inflammation and Gunshot Wounds
This volume was printed as a memorial to Dr. Hunter. Sections of this volume had previously been printed earlier. Of particular interest is the section dealing with gunshot wounds. This section records Dr. Hunter’s experiences as an Army surgeon in the Seven Years War, seeing service in Bellisle and Portugal from1760 until1763.

Jenner, Dr. Edward. An Inquiry into the Causes and Effect of the Variolae Vaccinae
This volume expounds on previous knowledge on smallpox. The illustrations are the most important part since is shows the development of inoculation sores to assist in their interpretation.

Pringle, Sir John. Observations on the Diseases of the Army
This book was first published in 1752; the edition that this volume was taken from was published in 1768 and was based on Pringles’s observations and experiences serving with the British Army in Flanders 1742-1745 and in England and Dutch Brabant 1745-1748. In 1810 Dr. Benjamin Rush wanting to publish a valuable medical text for the use of American military doctors as well as students at the University of Pennsylvania took Pringle’s work and published it verbatim with the addition of his own notes and observations from “the late war”.

Withering, Dr. William. An Account of the Foxglove and Some of its Medical Uses
Dr. Withering started his clinical studies of foxglove in the 1775/1776 period. They progressed until shortly before this volume was published in 1785. He freely shared this information with other doctors as shown in the correspondence that he included in the narrative of this volume so we can assume that it was becoming “common” knowledge at least among medical professionals.

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