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In early 1995, a few veteran Revolutionary War reenactors with an interest in the history of medicine and in particular the medical practice of the American colonial period met to share information and resources. Out of this meeting came the idea to form a free-standing medical organization. The Detached Hospital is modeled after an historic British Army medical unit which was organized in 1775 to accompany the first convoy of troops sent over to suppress the rebellion. The recreated Detached Hospital officially came into being in June of 1995.

In 1997, the Detached Hospital formally applied for membership in the Brigade of the American Revolution (BAR), one of the premiere umbrella organizations for Revolutionary War reenactments and research. The Detached Hospital attained full membership in that organization in the latter part of 1998. In 1999, the Detached Hospital was one of the founding member units of the BAR’s Southern Department. The Detached Hospital is also proud to be member of the British Brigade, also one of the leading umbrella organizations for Revolutionary War reenactments.

Today, the Detached Hospital continues its mission of research and interpretation to the public by working with various national, state, local and even international historic sites. The Detached Hospital has been to almost all of the original 13 colonies, Canada, and even Puerto Rico. A very limited list of the sites we have worked with is:

Colonial Williamsburg
Old Salem Inc.
Guilford Courthouse N.M.P.
Ninety-Six N.H.S.
King’s Mountain N.B.
Moore’s Creek N.B.
Parks Canada
Historic Brattonsville
Alamance Battleground S.H.S.
House in the Horseshoe S.H.S.
Historic Halifax S.H.S.

We also assist as consultants and actors in various movie and television productions. Hospital members have taken part in the following motion pictures:

Last of the Mohicans
The Patriot

The following television productions:

A&E’s The American Revolution
T.L.C.'s The American Revolution
P.B.S. Liberty! The American Revolution
Georgia Public Television’s Georgia Stories
Canadian Broadcasting Network’s History Lands
National Geographic Society Television

The Detached Hospital also consulted with and took part in the filming of the introduction films for the National Park Service sites of Moore’s Creek and Guilford Court House.

We also take our demonstrations to local historic groups, schools, or anywhere else where people would like to learn more about the history of early medicine and the role of medicine in the Revolution.

We are a growing and vibrant organization who actively recruits new members. We are a family oriented organization and have historically accurate roles for all potential members. Men are recruited as medical staff members; women are recruited as either women of the hospital or distaff.

If the Detached Hospital sounds like a group you might be interested in joining, please contact us.